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Recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society.

The third and final tape of the "New Order of Barbarians" is an interview by Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life, with Dr. Larry Dunegan was taped on Oct. 10, 1991 in Pittsburgh, Penn.


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Pop wrote

This is a pretty inaccessible text - I don't really have any sense of how or why I'd read it

can you say more about this?


kobold wrote (edited )

it is about past, ongoing and future social engineering worldwide, with some extra focus on america, that started in the '60s, aimed at achieving a 'desirable' population and society by'what we know today as the nwo. it is a simple list of targeted fields/areas and methods employed.