scumbag mod of r/degoogle doubles down and makes 2 posts about mozilla being fake news and funding antifa which is a domestic terrorist organization

Submitted by zombie_berkman in FascismRising

their fascist rhetoric continues



this goes along with their mods promoting brave browser which is a scam created but an anti lgbta bigot who donated money for prop8, actively endorsed gab the twitter alternative created by the alt right for the altright, and hooktube which is a youtube alternative crated on voat and and actively promoted on t_d.


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sudo wrote

How is Brave a scam? Though I agree that Brendan Eich is a bigot.


juliebean wrote

apparently, it blocks ads on websites and replaces them with brave's own ads to make money for its owner. if you're aware of that and cool with lining Eich's pockets, i guess it's not a scam though.


zombie_berkman wrote

How about you search "brave browser is a scam" or some shit? Im not your search engine. Also don't @ me