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zer0crash wrote

And again here we see Journalists putting a spotlight on a turd. Fashwave, if one could even claim it exists, is a microscopic "scene", if you could even call it that. It consists of literally 1-3 actual artists and a bunch of people simply appropriating non-fash music and imagery. Yet here is an article lending it credit, inflating it to be bigger than it is.

The left could have done this for themselves, but they simply didnt. I don't know if its a lack of imagination, cultural awareness, or motivation but the Left has demonstrated itself to be very slow and reluctant to engage in the culture war. Leftists will learn this sooner or later, but I fear it will be too late by then.


GrimWillow wrote

Fashwave is an appropriation of the leftist Vaporwave.


zer0crash wrote (edited )

No, Fashwave is not an appropriation of the "leftist Vaporwave".

Synthwave is not the same as Vaporwave, like at all. It is important to know these cultural distinctions. The Music, Aesthetics, Ethos etc are completely different.

Vaporwave above all is a music genre. The music is the source of the aesthetics and not so much vice versa. Vaporwave, despite being invented by a trans woman, is not decidedly Leftist, like at all. There are no obvious leftist vaporwave music artists who are defining the scene to be leftist. It is not enough to point out Leisurewave or Laborwave and its associated memes to declare Vaporwave leftist. Not by a long shot. Those tendencies can be seen as peripheral and late-coming.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

That is interesting to learn. It was something I read in an article somewhere about different examples of the fash appropriating leftist culture. I'll grab the link if I find it. I'm no expert on the subject, so thanks fo adding to the conversation.


23i wrote

why must fascists ruin everything. :(


DissidentRage wrote

Because like Tolkien's orcs, they lack the creative spark to create anything appreciable in the aesthetic sense. They are only capable of creating instruments of war.