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celebratedrecluse wrote

neoliberalism fails to deliver on its promises to resolve the fundamental contradictions of capital, resentment builds as the systemic crises of climate/imperialism (refugee migration from Syria, for example) escalate, and reactionaries take advantage.

Same story all over the world.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

This is the single most dangerous person in the last four decades!

Being a POC I have never felt more unsafe. I hate that I had to spend money to learn combat arts, tactical training and purchase firearms but it was the only way to keep my mind pacified.

If any regular person uttered half of what he tweeted would the feds investigate them or have local PD charge them with inciting a riot?


celebratedrecluse wrote

While the rhetoric the right wing pundits are using is horrible, and deserves to be thrown back at them at every opportunity to make them appear just as ghoulish as they truly are-- the reality is that these people are always disingenously looking to cause controversy, and they say these things because most of the right wing base is just looking to these pundits for entertainment, and a strong charismatic leader figure, not a role model or an ethical paragon. So these callouts of the right wing as "uncivil" are a bit weird, because this is the one aspect of right wing politics that should be lauded by everyone-- the dissolution of the role of civility in politics is a goal all anarchists and radicals should share, because the norms of civility ultimately enforce the neoliberal consensus. While the right wing is implementing here against a teenage climate change activist, and that is deplorable because Greta is struggling for our common goals, the same dissolution of civility should be seen as quite positive when it is instituted against the officials of government, the establishment media, the rich and powerful in every sector. Politics is an affair of power, not of discourse; it is a battlefield with infinite subtlety, not a free marketplace of ideas operating on crass exchange.


n_n OP wrote

To amplify that content, the group has an annual budget of nearly $23 million, fueled in part by donations from religious conservatives, including $800,000 last year from Texan Lee Roy Mitchell, owner of a global movie theater chain and ally of the conservative Koch brothers. Other big donors include GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson’s Maccabee Task Force, and the foundation of Adelson’s top deputy, Michael Leven.

Most of the seed money for PragerU came from Dan and Farris Wilks, billionaire brothers from east Texas who made their fortune from fracking and run a church called the Assembly of Yahweh. Farris Wilks preaches at the church. In his sermons, he has compared homosexuality to bestiality and declared climate change the will of God.

Lee Roy Mitchell is the owner of Cinemark, we have that chain here in South America.