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Defasher wrote (edited )

Let's face it, the Vegas shooter was rich as fuck, old and white - no way was he leftwing. May as well add that to the list too.


zod wrote (edited )

They're never reveal he was rightwing, even if they find a stack of first print Ayn Rand books in his house. Trump has been pushing the 'antifa are terrorists' narrative nonstop, and the media outlets have already picked up and spread Alex Jones / 4chan's conspiracy theories about the shooter being an antifa member all over the place.


watermelon OP wrote

Next time they try to blame antifa for something, pull out this list.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

It goes back even further to 4chan emphasizing to "PUSH THE FACT THIS TERRORIST WAS A COMMIE".


Cem_Dump wrote

You're taking anything on cuckchan seriously? It's a chaotic mess of anonymity; you can't treat anything there as anything other than a joke


DissidentRage wrote

Yeah man, 4chan has never organized or influenced anything irl.


kittybecca wrote

I love how channers and channer sympathizers always act like they have some special knowledge, like none of us have ever read the disclaimer. They never stopped to think we thought about it more than they did, that we didn't take the disclaimer at face value.


DissidentRage wrote

I hate saying this but this can probably be updated.


ziq wrote (edited )

repost it with the updates and I'll sticky it.


WindTalk wrote

Just a suggestion for the forum here: the current CSS style doesn't seem to make the top two "sticky posts" visually distinctive enough for me. At first, i thought maybe this sub only had old posts until I realized that the first two were sticky.


rdko21 wrote

White men in this country are allowing themselves to become radicalized by reactionary fascist propaganda at an alarming rate.


Emeryael wrote

So much of it is because, for them, the tide is turning. For centuries, white men were the central demographic society catered to and orbited around, but PoC and women have been pushing back, saying, "We are people too and we deserve the rights afforded to us as human beings and citizens." Truth is, despite the setbacks, we continue to gain more and more ground. The Right is a reactionary group and reactionary groups, while pains in the asses, usually don't have much strength behind them. For all their bluster, challenge them and they fold like a house of cards on a water bed. A movement needs a central thesis and you can only get so far with, "I hate everything the other side hates."

The mindset of so many of the white dudes joining fascist groups, is akin to that of a thoroughly-spoiled toddler. For many years, the toddler has always had access to all the best toys, while everyone else was made to play with either old and broken ones or ones that the toddler didn't want. Now, the toddler is being made to share, and in response, it's throwing a screaming fit, because as far as he's concerned, he earned those toys and they belong to him and he shouldn't have to share with anyone. Naturally, they will gravitate towards groups who constantly stroke their egos, tell them about how they are most definitely the alphas of society, who are so much more evolved than all those lesser groups and therefore, they deserve more.

However scary they may be, ultimately, they are losing and they will lose. We just have to stand strong and keep pushing back, doing what we can to protect those who need it.


marxist wrote (edited )

What's worse is that instead on focussing on the real issue at hand here (wonderful post btw), Trump chooses to pick Antifa as terrorists when we've routinely stopped right wingers from assembling violently, attacking clergymen (yes that actually happened, I don't have the link but it's on raddle somewhere), people of color, LGBTQ+s, migrants... Instead of discrediting them, Trump is discrediting US! Since Trump is saying it, you can bet your ass Fox News is saying it too, and most media gets a bad image of Antifa because of this.

We need to change Antifa and the left's image, but not our goals.