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LostYonder wrote

I can't help but wonder if calling white terrorists "terrorists" is in fact the wrong nomenclature. Given the long history of racist violence of white/christian/westerners, the magnitude of that violence, and the extent of such violence it is in fact something much more sinister than terrorism.

Terrorism is a tactic against a state to inculcate fear in a population to elicit particular types of reactions. White violence is a socio-psychological pathos, seemingly inherent in white/christian/european culture to assert supremacy. It isn't about destroying, as with terrorism, but about cleansing the body-politic, building anew (born again) a white political order.

Be it Rumsfeld's "shock and awe" destruction of Iraq, genocide against Native populations, enslavement of blacks, alt-right lunatics today, the Holocaust, over and over again the pathos of white violence against PoC, non-liberals, and sinners is unrelenting. It isn't terrorism, it is europeans/north americans being european/north american...


000 wrote (edited )

Well, the Irish who fought against English colonialism were labeled terrorists and they were white. For most people nowadays, the Irish are very definition of white but this wasn't always the case. The white race used to just mean White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

So basically, WASPs can’t be labeled terrorists as terrorism is the label given to those who fight against colonialism and WASP control.