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celebratedrecluse wrote

the most difficult part of this to understand without a cohesive political critique of capitalism and the state is...

..."concentration camps" is just a factual descriptor-- migrants claiming refugee status, including children, are being warehoused in concentrated clumps all over the US. For all the Democratic lipservice to "facts matter", Pelosi is hangwringing about the truth.

US service industry conditioning bleeds into, or maybe from, every oriface of the US society-- including, and perhaps most especially, the political elite. Murdered civilians become "collateral damage". Colonies become "territories". Concentration camps are "detention facilities". And on, and on. By couching the language correctly, the lib hope is that these structures can be preserved indefinitely through an act of collective forgetting, which seems easier and less anxiety-inducing than challenging or remaking the system.

Unfortunately for the libs' hopes and dreams, this is obviously not a materialist approach, so its lack of realism will become brutally apparent as teh contradictions continue to heighten...