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Asshat_Anarchist wrote

Raddle brigades Reddit? For what?

Would organizing a 4chan raid be banned? What if we started loading their POL anti-fash memes and shit? Id imagine if we just start mocking the overt open Nazis the slightly less racist 12 year olds would eventually turn the tides.

Like WAGE CUCK type stuff?

Do I sound like a loser? I mean if enough of us attempt to take over 4chan what could the fascists actually do? That's like their only recruiting grounds.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Generally it's not officially brigading as much as people interacting with reddit links posted here. In a similar kind of way.

Historically organising raids hasn't had much interest from the community. Also our numbers are generally too small to be doing anything on 4chan.

Fascists have way more recruiting grounds than 4chan.