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hasbrochem wrote

In The Curse of Bigness, Tim Wu recognizes these same risks, but ultimately places the blame in the wrong place. Big business is far from perfect, but most of the indicators of prosperity — wages, benefits, worker protections and diversity — increase with firm size. Big corporations are more productive than small businesses, and economic growth is what enables human flourishing.

But for the sake of argument, if we assume big business can contribute to the rise of fascism in the United States, what contemporary evidence do we have to evaluate that claim? Even if Trump isn’t a literal fascist, he may still be sowing the seeds for authoritarianism in America. So, which presidential candidate did the monopolists donate to in the 2016 election?

Alec Stapp is a research fellow at the International Center for Law and Economics

right, got it, those damned "liberals" are all biased and treat big business unfairly, says the completely unbiased capitalist that has no interest in seeing it continue...fuck the intelligentsia. for the most part, they're so disconnected from reality it's disgusting. marxists, capitalists, socialists, etc. alike.