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hasbrochem wrote

one more this time, then I'll be done:

again in saxony, hohnstein is a small village, not really even a town with a smallish castle. this castle has a dark history for both the nazi period as well as during the gdr. look it up. let me know what you can find, in english or german about what went on there. you won't find much. this was just one of hundreds of places the germans used to hold political prisoners/dissidents during the years the nazis were in power. it wasn't just a holding cell. they brutalized, tortured, starved, and more those that were held. they have museums in this castle. they talk about farming in the 1600s. the architecture of the castle. the nobles that lived there. there are a handful of plaques you can find if you know to look for them that talk about what went on there during wwii and they're only in german, so not for outsiders again.

after wwii when it was the gdr it was again used as prison for political prisoners and dissidents. there's even less information available about this era than what went on there in the 1930-40s. who was konrad hahnewald? his name is on a plaque but even researchers who investigate political prisoners during the german nazi era that I've asked have no idea and most have never heard of him. he was the first prisoner at the hohnstein concentration camp in 1933. they also held women there. but that's all the info they really offer. no names. no histories. they murder the dead a second time.

as I said, this is just one of hundreds of places that were used like this in germany while the nazis were in power. good luck figuring out where they were located or if you do, there might be only a couple of things on it and it will be very sparse and only in german. I draw this out that it's only in german to contrast with what you find at the other areas everyone knows about that the germans couldn't sweep under the rug and have been forced to acknowledge, where information is in multiple languages. we haven't even mentioned the mostly forgotten forced labor camp that was in dresden (and those fuckwits that talk about the bombing of dresden as being comparable to the holocaust don't ever mention this) and how those held there were eventually shipped off to auschwitz-birkenau and within a month they had all been murdered there. the only remembrance that has gone up about it is from those who survive the victims of that place. not from the state of germany. same with the concentration camp that was near chemnitz that sits in disrepair and ruins. recognized officially by germany but nothing else. those that were murdered at the hands of their parents and grandparents don't mean a goddamn fucking thing to them. and so they murder them a second time by letting their names and histories vanish.

this needs to be set within the broader narrative about the rise of fascism and right wing shit bags as it helps to explain and demonstrate that it never went away, unlike all the feel good bullshit stories we're told about the end of wwii, the repentant germans, italians, japanese, etc. and how the west saved the world.

(I have pictures of some of these things, if people are interested, I can try to share them)


hasbrochem wrote

this is a good piece but like all liberal critiques and even some leftists (as evidenced here) they are extremely short sighted and negligent in their coverage of what has led up to where we are now. this isn't some new phenomena that has been quietly brewing and now just come to the surface. the fucking npd (official neo-nazi party in germany) was formed in 1964 following the German Reich Party (officially formed in 1950 and had 5 members in the Bundestag in 1946...yeah, right after wwii and germany still had nazis in government positions), with the npd being the "most significant neo-Nazi party to emerge after 1945" (Peter Davies, Derek Lynch, The Routledge companion to fascism and the far right, Psychology Press, 2002, pg. 315). these aren't underground neo-nazis hiding out, they're out demonstrating, agitating, running for and holding political offices at all levels of government with the german supreme court saying they're not big enough to be a threat so they can't be made illegal (even though being a nazi and/or denying the holocaust is supposedly illegal under german law). fuck the afd. they're an annoyance but nothing when compared to the threat groups like the npd pose. they use jackasses like the afd but that's all they are, useful idiots.

as Thorwald Proll said in the closing statement to the RAF trial:

Faced with a justice system that, on the other hand, only pursued most Nazi trials in order to ease their own guilty right-wing conscience, trials in which they charge anyone that swore the Führer Oath as a criminal, an act which the entire justice system quite willingly engaged in itself in 1933; faced with a justice system like that, we can’t be bothered defending ourselves.

Faced with a justice system that prosecutes the minor murderers of Jews and lets the major murderers of Jews run around free, we can’t be bothered defending ourselves. Faced with a justice system that in 1933 shamelessly plunged into fascism and in 1945 just as shamelessly deserted it, we can’t be bothered defending ourselves. Furthermore, faced with a justice system that already in the Weimar Republic always sentenced leftists more heavily (Ernst Niekisch, Ernst Toller) than right wingers (Adolf Hitler), that rewarded the murderers of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht[6] (and in so doing became complicit in their deaths), we can’t be bothered defending ourselves.

and then later, the cdu chancelor after wwii in western germany said, concerning the nazis in his own party and government:

“You don’t throw out the dirty water if you don’t have any that’s clean.”

and then in 2016 it was discovered that

Up to 76 per cent of officials in the post-1945 West German justice ministry were former Nazis, according to an official history published on Monday that highlights how party members protected each other long after the second world war.

but, oh no! somehow there is right wing extremism still in society that love hitler, mussolini, franco, reagan and other fascists and we just don't know why!!! how could this have happened??? clutches at pearls

the uk used known and some convicted nazis to fight communists in greece after wwii. germany, far from holding nazis accountable ignored what most did (see the extra bit at the end of this). the allies used a nazi executioner that had murdered thousands of anti-fascists and other resistors to the nazi regime by guiotine and hanging without a long drop (so the neck doesn't break and not only does it take longer but you're awake for the majority of it) to murder the few war criminals they brought to stand trial at the farce that was the nuremburg-trials. mccarthy, that bold anti-communist murikkkan worked with Aschenauer a nazi-sympathizer to try to overturn the convictions of certain nazis. the murikkkan republican party has worked with and shielded nazis and war criminals from germany and japan since at least the end of wwii. in the 1960s when MLK jr was going around giving speeches, after he'd talk to a crowd somewhere, shortly thereafter, the area would be covered in swastikas. ukranians were massive nazi collaborators and their fascist movements have never gone away. france, italy, spain, egypt, saudi arabia, israel (the state, not jews, those two are not the same), japan, australia, and on and on all have wonderful fascist histories.

and people are fucking surprised that fascists and fascism are on the rise???! give me a fucking break.

if you speak to these historians, I'll tell you what to say

tell them that the nazis never really went away...

and we'll never rest again until every nazi dies

for some extra about germany and the ussr (I'm focusing on germany because the few years that I lived there were...something else; I lived in saxony but spent time in different places and these same attitudes and ways of operating are the same in all parts I found), specifically the gdr

in a quaint little town in saxony called pirna there's an old fortress called sohnenstein. sohnenstein was where the germans would send their soon-to-be mass murderers to learn the art of killing with gas chambers. at that time it was the t4 program (named after tiergartenstrasse 4, the address of the headquarters in berlin for this program) which eliminated people who were "drains on society." the disabled, the old, the neuro-atypicals, the degenerates, those that would never be "productive" members of society by the great german standards. this wasn't a secret. this was done in the open, reported in newspapers and heralded as something great by even those who weren't nazi party members. people especially in this area knew what had gone on here.

fast forward to the end of wwii and the ussr has eastern germany. this would be great propaganda against nazis and war criminals. but the program and everything associated with it is buried. covered up. hidden away. keep in mind, this wasn't a secret operation in germany. yet those pious fucking germans didn't say a goddamn thing. like a kid that gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they swear they're sorry and that they only did what you caught them doing. so they're sorry they got caught and they're not going to tell you about what else they did because, well, they really aren't sorry and you can go take a flying fucking leap off a short pier.

it wasn't until around 2008 that these dark secrets started coming to light again and now they have a sparse museum (it's not clearly marked and they don't advertise it like they do with other monuments) where they talk about the number of people murdered there by the germans (this is people sending their family and friends, in part, to this place to be murdered because they're not able to participate in society in a way they deemed acceptable) and there are some pictures with the stories of some of the victims. almost all of it is just in german. it's not meant for outsiders. it's not supposed to be part of the war/nazi narrative because it shows it wasn't just those few in power. it was the entire fucking society.


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