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I am a bit of a mysterious figure on raddle. Sure, I am the founder and moderator of one of Raddle's biggest forums, but more or less my interactions are limited to appearing every now and then to add my 2 cents into discussions on this website, but more or less most people here know nothing about me. So here is a story about the time I spent in the company of Fascists and Neo-Nazis.

Around the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, I began to get close to a Neo-Nazi I met online. For obvious reasons I negated the fact that I was Hispanic. After a lot of time getting to know him, he invited me to a group chat full of other people that held the same or similar beliefs as him. Over time I got to know them and discover first hand why Fascists/Neo-Nazis think the way they do. In most cases, these people hold their beliefs because originally they were HUGE supporters of the GOP and somehow began to come across the writings and teachings of both old and modern Fascists/Nazis. Soon these people began to realize that their views were beginning to match the views of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Zyklon-B. All of these Right-Wing leaders spoke to them personally it seemed. Eventually they would be fully indoctrinated into the idea not that the white race was superior, but that the white race was entitled to the lands they had lived in for centuries. What suprised me is that white superiority seemed to be extreme even to them. But that is getting a bit off topic. The point is, they believed that every race had their homeland, and that they should stay there instead of invading Europe, North America, and Argentina for some reason. And no, I am not saying they are not racist, becausr they are. They held strong beliefs that if Africa was a shit continent, it was because of the Africans themselves. Not because of centuries of White colonialism and psuedo borders drawn for the new African nations that were founded during the Cold War. Another thing that I noticed however, is that these people are not hard headed. In fact, I prefer talking to Fascists and Neo-Nazis a lot more than I do talking to Consveratives in general. These people tend to be a lot more educated in political doctrine than that of the standard Conservative. This education makes it a lot easier to sway them back to tolerance and Libertarian ideals. They may not be Left-Wing, but anything is preferable to Authoritarian Right. By the end of my 3 month long experience with them I had swayed at least 3 of them away from their Fascist ideals. In conclusion, Fascists can be redeemed. I have seen it myself. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them!



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BernieSanders OP moderator wrote

Before anyone asks, I am a Democratic Socialist. Almost Trotskyist really. Not quite though 😉.


BernieSanders OP moderator wrote

Also, something I forgot to mention, I did end up admitting to them that I was Hispanic, but that wasnt until after I had been with them for a month.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

Did you find that there were any specific talking points that you had some regular success with when engaging with them?


BernieSanders OP moderator wrote (edited )

Yes, specifically immigrants with a high nationalism. I found that talking to them about how my grandparents were treated as immigrants did wonders to help broaden their compassion and tolerance.