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indi wrote

I couldn't help but smile at the story of how badly their "conference" went. Especially what happened at the bar afterwards:

The waitress, a white single mother, said one of the NPI registrants had “thrown a dime” at her, and another had been sexually inappropriate and threatened her. More importantly, she had recognized the obscure Identity Evropa logo pin many wore on their lapels, and knew from prior reading exactly what the group stood for.

(emphasis mine)

There's a lesson there! Giving away the fascists' code words and signs to the general public does hurt them. Wouldn't it be beautiful if every business had a little chart of known fascist, racist, and neo-Nazi symbols and code words up on the wall that they could check to spot the fuckers quickly? (Especially if it were instead of those boards they often have showing pictures of people whose cheques have bounced.)


BernieSanders wrote

But that would be against "free speech". Let's be real here. Unless something changes, these people will be free to do what they want. Especially with this tangerine we have as a president.