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kinshavo wrote

I don't know why, but I feel that Putin may face an internal coup. Maybe the Oligarchy allied with some unsatisfied sectors of the Military.

If you hold the ball too much on a collective game it's better for you to be scoring and leading your team to the victory (horrible metaphor 😅)


granite wrote

Not a bad metaphor. He is athletic and can possibly pass an entry level physical at any military branch at the moment. He will be killed from the inside. By his people or someone on the inside that will vapor thanks to the advent of being able to get paid in Monero (XMR) so that wherever the assasin hides can live in peace with his funds protected from prying government eyes and spies. If the people do it, it will be history repeating itself, no wonder Disney - cancelled Anastasia. Don't need the childrens curious little minds pondering.