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Punished_Soda wrote

Had no idea printer subscriptions existed. I'll have to look that up. For future reference, if I have any questions or comments, is there a preference for how you would like to be contacted? There's email, but you also post here. and your site has a comment section. You were mulling over what to read and I wondered if there was a spot somewhere to toss my "vote" in case a choice like that pops up again.

Anyways, you're awesome! Appreciate you keeping the podcasts trim and digestible.


CoryImmediatism OP wrote (edited )

Hi! Thanks so much for taking time to write. The printer subscription is called instant ink, and I use it on a $50 HP all purpose printer. :). You can write any of the ways. I get them all equally quickly. Private messaging on Raddle or email make the most sense if you're typing a list of suggestions.
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