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Stumbled on this gem today. Just a who's who of shitheads compiled by this site that are trying to get money on their books. It seems like a decent reference point for who's been convicted of what, where their housed, so on...

Anyway, thought I'd share for whatever it's worth.



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masque wrote (edited )

Man, that "Global Minority Initiative" name and logo is such an intense bit of dog whistling. The most natural reading of the name is that it's a global initiative for minorities, and the majority of the logo is black & brown, implying to the casual observer that the organization is focused on people of colour. But to the target audience, the title refers to the "white genocide" idea of white people being a numerical minority globally, and the logo represents white people being surrounded and outnumbered.

Imagine how bad any angry tweet about the "Global Minority Initiative" would look when taken out of context.