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I am probably not the only one who is very depressed about the future. It looks like nothing is going to stop the rise of global fascism. In US, Trump seems to be able to absolutely anything and all the major states are controlled by at least semi-fascist groups and leaders.

In my own country, Finland, the story is the same as in many other European country; the far-right, fascist party is gaining huge support and left is divided to smaller groups of which non has any serious possibility to challenge the rise of fascists. It's true that now things are still relatively good, but after next parliamentary elections? Fascists will most likely take the power then.

And what should I do? I've already tried marching, direct action, publishing antifascist content and art. I literally feel that there is nothing I can do. Especially when so many people just seem to be passively watching things go down. Most of the people I know refuse to even believe that fascism exists, even when it's staring them directly into the eyes. In Finland, anarchists and antifascist are a small group hated by pretty much everybody. People here think that anarchists are just terrorists and that antifa is as bad as the neo-Nazis. It's very hard to get anybody to join us.

So, what can a comrade do? And I can't help but think that we have already lost the game. Fascist forces are just so much more powerful. I'm afraid that t'll be just like in the 1930's.

EDIT: and because I'm trans, I'm seriously afraid. The hate towards LGBTQ-people is rising.



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celebratedrecluse wrote

Conceiving of the world through the lens of antifascism is going to close more opportunities than it opens. For starters, the historical analogy to the 1930s is inherently fatalistic. It's also inaccurate, because there's been fundamental challenges to modernist politics from so many directions. What we're doing now hasn't ever been replicated, and we aren't bound to any fate.

If you find that the aesthetics of your politics are not communicating effectively to the people around you, one response you can have is to pursue other aesthetics that retain similar fundamental politics. Sometimes this can really benefit organizers, more than doubling down on ways of speaking, perceiving, or representing that alienate people who aren't in a particular subculture. Some times, too, people don't have the interest or willingness to do this, and that's fine because nobody should do what feels ingenuous to them if they can help it.


ziq wrote (edited )

We can't control society but it's okay as long as we don't let society control us. There's freedom to be found between the cracks.


RevolutionaryCatalonia wrote

History might seem to be repeating itself but it won't. It's probably the media paiting it all black, and it's not. If you were to talk to the average citizen they'd probably tell you they dislike nazis and fascism. It's also not good to live in an antifa/anarchist bubble because it feels like a constant battle who very little people can keep up. Try to give yourself a better time, act and organize like you are doing but don't think about this all the time. Maybe go out with some friends with who you talk less about politics, it won't make nazis disappear but you'll feel better :)


asg101 wrote

Earth will deal with them, they can't live in a 200 ° methane atmosphere.


brainrot wrote

all we can do is try. and stay safe


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

All you can do is live your life with as much joy and beauty and non-compromise as you can. You can win at that. The rest was always out of our hands. It's not something we can win or lose because it's not ours.