New to FairCoin

Submitted by jorgesumle in FairCoop (edited )

Hi, I'm new in this community. I just set up a new FairCoin wallet on my GNU/Linux computer. I run a blog about free software and free culture, which now accepts FairCoin donations!

I had a problem creating an account for the GitLab repositories of FairCoop. It seems like you have a centralized login system, which is fine. The bad thing is that it uses the proprietary reCAPTCHA from Google to allow registration, which I refuse to solve, because I don't want to work free for Google. I just sent the support page an email. I hope I can get an account and get involved with this nice community.


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christobal wrote (edited )

Hi there! The best way to get in touch with the FairCoop people (im just an enthusiastic follower :)) is in their chat groups (telegram, matrix, fairchat(rocketchat fork)): https://wiki.fair.coop/en:communication:chat_groups:start

Edit: The ask us anything group is probably a good starting point (the ecosystem can be a bit confusing at times to be honest)


jorgesumle wrote (edited )

Cool, thanks for the tips! I'll use Matrix client. I haven't received yet a reply to my email, but when I join channel, I'm sure I'll get some help and advice from other folks.


leftous wrote

Maybe you can register on github then use that to sign into gitlab?

Looks like more of us here are getting behind faircoin. I think it would be cool if raddle adopted it as well.