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Arcstrider wrote

This is why I hope after this pandemic it becomes somewhat of a trend to wear face masks. IIRC, most facial recognition currently relies on the lower half of the face, yes? The rest of the concealment could be easy with just sunglasses and a hat/beanie.

I really hope more people see this and realize how fucked up this could turn out to be. Yikes.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

I've heard the opposite - that facial recognition tech relies on the eyes-nose-brow area the most.


Arcstrider wrote

Who knows, lol.

Either way, if it becomes an actual thing, I feel like it might be like the situation in Hong Kong where people wear face masks or even full-body suits to avoid recognition by police to stay safe.


Arcstrider wrote (edited )

The article was deleted by Harrisburg an hour after I posted it on r/aboringdystopia, so here's the archived version for those who want to read it:

Edit: Once again, deleted. This time I nabbed a screenshot from a different source. I checked, and it's almost exactly the same article.


a_perfect_map wrote

This is why futurism is straight up techno-fetishist bullshit, all our social issues follow us into technology. Many times they are amplified by it.

The future I want, my 'flying car' would be a world where no one works unless they have to. Where no children starve. Where environmental collapse has been ameliorated. Where individual autonomy and the needs of the group find some kind of balance. Where fascism is impossible because people think critically.

We can solve these issues maybe but nooooo instead we got fucking big macs and iPhones and grocery store security cameras watching baby formula.

Fuck me that shit makes me so mad.

We'll never get to mars. Would it be improved by a fucking shopping center and McDonalds anyway?