Stop Spencer at Michigan State University, March 5

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All out to rally against fascism and let Richard Spencer and the alt-right know that they aren't welcome in East Lansing, or anywhere!

Show up at noon at Commuter Lot 89, Corner of Farm Lane and Mt. Hope, East Lansing, Michigan and be prepared to be out there for a few hours!! Scroll down for more details on what to expect...

On March 5th, Richard Spencer is scheduled to speak at Michigan State University. Richard Spencer a neo-nazi and leader in the alt-right. The alt-right is an overtly racist, misogynist, and homophobic group that actively organizes for the genocide of non-whites, Jews, and LGBT folx. Where Richard Spencer goes, his violent, racist supporters go and attack and even kill people. They’re trying to organize and grow. We say ope....nope! We say stop Richard Spencer and defend against racist and fascist attacks on every campus and in every community. We say no ban, no wall and no borders. We say organize to oppose the fascists, the racists, and the university administration, the cops and ICE and the government who are complicit in these attacks and the enemies of our communities. Come out Monday, March 5th to oppose Richard Spencer, his movement, and all racist and fascist attacks.

What to expect the day of
In order for this mobilization to be a success, and moreover to shut down any potential for Alt-Right violence, we need a mass collection of people out on the streets. To do this, we need help from you in terms of getting the word out, bringing supplies, and being prepared on March 5th. Here’s what to bring:

  • It’s going to be cold. Dress warm.
  • Bring water and snacks. Stores, coffee, and gas stations are not far away by car, but are not within walking distance of the general mobilization point, so you will want to bring supplies with you.
  • Outside of the Pavilion, there will be very limited access to restrooms in the general area, so make sure you use the facilities and get water before hand.
  • Make sure to look at a map of the area before arriving.
  • Bring noise makers, signs, and banners!
  • There will be a marching band and giants puppets, so if you want to participate and get creative, please do so.

Infrastructure we have set up

  • Food and water will be provided
  • We will have trained street medics to make sure we are staying as safe as possible
  • We will have Legal Observers from the National Lawyers Guild to document the actions of the police and the fascists

How You Can Help

  • Help gather and send us intelligence on the Alt-Right regarding their plans for the 4th and 5th.
  • Invite people on the Facebook page and share it.
  • Post up images supporting the mobilization on social media.
  • Print out flyers and pass them out.
  • Tell people about the mobilization and encourage them to attend.
  • Get your local community group, organization, labor union, collective, faith community, or affinity group to attend the convergence.
  • If you can’t make it, organize a benefit event to help us raise potential bail money. Drop a banner, wheat-paste flyers, put up slogans, or take other action in your local area to offer material solidarity.
  • Make and design promotional materials for March 5th.
  • Follow Stop Spencer on Facebook and on Twitter
  • Use the #StopSpencer or #StopSpencerMSU hashtag when posting on social media.

The Coalition
The coalition includes community members, students, faculty, staff, and organizations from around the state. We operate under four points of unity:

  1. We do not work with or rely on the cops. The police defend fascists and are the foot soldiers of a white supremacist system.

  2. We go where they go. Wherever Spencer speaks, we will go there. We cannot ignore them or stay away. Never let the Nazis have the streets!

  3. We’ve got each other’s backs. Groups will have a variety of tactics and while we may not always agree, we have to stand behind each other to defeat the fascists. We will not undermine the efforts of other groups by publicly denouncing the efforts of fellow organizers or groups while the coalition is active.

  4. We do not work with politicians. Elections and laws don’t prevent fascists from organizing and attacking us. Folks can do what they want on their own time, but this coalition is focused on shutting down the fascists and defending our communities.

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