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MHC wrote

Russia and China are friendly. So the former was free to move its military from east to west. And those two countries are developing economic ties. So China is reducing the effectiveness of sanctions on Russia.


fortmis OP wrote (edited )

interesting read. was not expecting so much nazi talk, but i probably should have seen that coming.
i'm noticing a lot of "how independent are the separatists really" and feeling like this is a weird point to spend so much time on... isn't it obvious that russia is not going to be partial to ukrainian separatists ... whether they're public or not doesn't matter -- they're obviously in cahoots. correction: russian separatists in ukraine


crime wrote

I'm not sure this answers all the questions you have, and it doesnt give a clear "here's what's REALLY going on", but I found this video that Atlanta Antifascists recently put out helped me get some more nuanced context and understand it a tiny bit more from an anti-imperialist and antifascist point of view.