Is the U.K improving in any noticeable way? Or are austerity politics, gutter media and xenophobia slowly killing us? I'm seriously losing hope here

Submitted by moto in Europe

The ideology of austerity, the Oxbridge elitism that rules this country, aristocracy, tabloid media, our negative interventions in the middle east and our blinding fear of immigrants, all of these factors and many more have left me increasingly pessimistic about the future of these Isles.

We live in a society where to demand decent opportunities, good public service spending, well funded schools, a fully functioning NHS, a Britain that isn't completely centered around Inner-city finance deems you to be a radical, a marxist, a "loon".

On top of that, I don't feel welcome here, even though my family bled and toiled for this country. Both my grandfather and my Great Uncle were Turkish Cypriot muslims who were drafted in the Cyprus Regiment during WW2. My uncle fought in Operation Compass, in North Africa before being captured and interned in a POW camp for 3 years. When he was released, he, my grandfather and my grandmother came to the U.K. They saw Britain as the mothership, and as colonial subjects, the Queen as their mother.

Every time I hear the right speak about Muslims in Britain as if they are a new phenomena, some nasty virus that have only started to arrive in recent years, I think of the thousands of similar cases to my relatives, muslims of the commonwealth who bled and toiled for this nation, only to now be deemed enemies of the country, due to the acts of wahhabists, and Saudi Arabia's freedom to import radical preachers into Muslim communities across the U.K and spread their vile, puritan interpretation of Islam.

At the same time I can't get angry at those who buy into the lies about Muslims and other immigrants being the scourge of society. The working class have been fucked over repeatedly by the upper echelons of British society. If I, living in central London, can see the destructive effects that austerity and gutter media is having, how bad must it be in the more rural and suburban parts of the country?

I don't have much hope for the future of the U.K because I feel like the fear of immigration is now so vast and poisonous, that any attempt to claw back control from the hegemony of the establishment and it's brutal neo-liberal politics will be negated. Jeremy Corbyn will continue to make extremely valid points about the state of our economy, lack of opportunities, public service slashes, zero hour contracts etc; but with the use of smear tactics that deem him and others as anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist, pro-IRA, anti-monarchy, the working class will continue to dance to the establishment's tune, and deem him as nothing more than a dangerous radical while ignoring exactly how dangerous austerity politics and gutter media is turning out to be for our entire social landscape.

I apologise for ranting, and the lack of eloquence or structure in my writing. Maybe some of you can show me that the future for this country isn't as bleak and morbid as I've described?

I'll finish this post with a quote from one of my favourite economists:

“In general, the deployment of austerity as economic policy has been as effective in bringing us peace, prosperity, and crucially, a sustained reduction of debt, as the Mongol Golden Horde was in furthering the development of Olympic dressage.”

-Mark Blyth, Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea


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