Left Movement/Sol Hareket: New "big tent" libertarian socialist formation appears in the northern part of Cyprus coinsh.red

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The separatist and predominantly militarist regime in the northern part of Cyprus has been having a critical crises and downfall for an extended period of time.

In another words the status-quo is no longer sustainable. The vast majority of the population has lost their faith and confidence in the regime and the parties of the regime which deepen the corruption, poverty, inequality, exploitation, oppression, uncertainty for the future and uphold a lack of a solution.

On the one hand Ankara is carrying its destructive politics in regard to the Cyprus problem one step forward to maintain the on-going disunity, on the other hand, it is intensifying its reactionary religious politics, carrying out a financial raid in its utmost primitive form, it is making demographic, political and cultural impositions and most importantly it is trying to wipe out Turkish Cypriot’s existence, identity, culture and resources.

For these purposes, irredentist Ankara and its extension in our country are trying to blow up the chance for a federal Cyprus demanded by the population by introducing new age right wing and fascist actors while at the same time striving to restore the separatist regime which grapples with the crises.

The paramilitary forces and the intransigent fascists which are extensions in our country of the administrators in Turkey continuously try to supress the labour, democracy and peace forces, opposing the reactionary politics and regionalisation efforts of Turkey’s One-Man Regime in the northern part of Cyprus. The differences between the cultures, belief groups and communities in the northern part of Cyprus are embittered by the divide and rule policy, the class unity and consciousness of the labourers and the oppressed have been atrophied, and the Sunni Political Islam with the monist mind set are tried to be proclaimed as prevailing.

A number of traditional political parties and organizations claiming to do politics under the name of the left have created a serious gap and deformation in the Left Struggle, as a result of sinking into the conformism, turning their backs to the allegations of the radical transformation and the struggle, alternating the regime by means of having individual/institutional interests and desire of being a part of the administration. This political vacuum and deformation is offering an environment for the successful execution of the restoration work of the regime, the imminent imposition of reactionary and separatist policies, and causing the confrontation of workers and leading to casualties among the oppressed and the federal solution struggle.

Within this framework, the Left Movement proclaims its foundation with the aim of organising and accomplishing the Leftist political struggle.

The Left Movement fights for the oppressed and the salvation of labour, which is the ultimate value and basis of living humanely. It is a movement that advocates an Egalitarian, Libertarian, Communal and Socialist worldview. Its initial task is to succeed within the democracy and the self-governance struggle of the Turkish Cypriot community and to create a Federal Republic of Cyprus, while its ultimate goal is a Libertarian Socialist Cyprus.

The Left Movement; will struggle to have an emancipatory life based on democracy and social justice, to free the people of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot community from Turkey’s military, the cultural and economic domination of Turkey, to retrieve the seized political will of the population and to self-govern.

The Left Movement; grounds itself on the common struggle and union of Cypriots, on the progressive forces that devoted themselves to prevent imperialism and right wing-fascist forces aiming to perpetuate the dividedness and obstruct the fight for a common land.

The Left Movement; as it is stated in the related Unite Nation Security Council resolution on the Cyprus Problem, supports a solution that is based on political equality, a single sovereignty, single citizenship, a single international identity, bi zonal bi communal United Federal Cyprus. The Left movement demands the solution to be respectful to the fundamental freedom and human rights of all Cypriots and rejects the guarantee of any foreign country. The Left Movement aims for a Cyprus with full independence and an island cleansed from all imperialist bases and armaments.

The Left movement aims to expand internationalist solidarity and coalition with all people and proletarians against all sorts of political, social and national oppression, imperialism and neo-colonialism.

The Left Movement; rejects all means of discrimination based on race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.

The Left Movement is the voice of all workers, proletarians, tradesman, immigrants, producers, refugees, children, ecology, different identity and beliefs, women, peasants, youths, pensioners, disabled people, LGBTI members, and all those who are oppressed by the regime.

The Left Movement aims and pledges to form a political upper structure with all dissenters and progressive forces against the separatist regime, communize and expand the struggle in the streets during the election processes, in a nutshell in all areas of life.

In this regard, The Left Movement calls for all dissenters, democratic and progressive forces to join forces under a common political programme and a political upper structure.


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