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Cyber_Neandertal wrote (edited )

That's a solid concern, given our history of coups and civil wars.

I'm Andalusian (Andalusia is a nation at the south of the Spanish State) and nowadays we have a right-wing regional government (like y'all probably know, Spain is divided in Comunidades Autónomas) formed by Partido Popular and Ciudadanos, supported by VOX.

Andalusia is a traditional left-leaning area in the Iberian Peninsula, since Franco Dictatorship ended we only had 'left' government (even tho the Spanish Socialist Party PSOE isn't left at all, they're social-democrats at best).

I always hated the socialist party, as they play a major role in maintaining the inequality among Spanish regions (we Andalusians are the poorer region AND the ones that are mocked the most, as our language is only used to represent dumb or poor people). They have tons of corruptions cases (less than Partido Popular) and have betrayed the working class and the Andalusian nation in so many occasions.

But nowadays, thanks to VOX, we have a politician with the Falange flag (Falange was the only party during the dictatorship) in our Parliament, they're politicians have denied the existence of Andalusia as a Nation and have called Blas Infante a crazy man. The last thing VOX did here was to announce that they're not gonna support the right-wing government anymore if they don't implement the 'Parental PIN'. This Parental PIN allow homophobic parents to remove they're children from diversity talks, for instance, or from any scholar activity that the doesn't match their reactionary ideology.

TL;DR: Spain is Pain, bash the VOX.

Edit: The text is probably full of typos and syntax errors :( I'm tired and it was kinf od a rant.