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ziq wrote (edited )

Are capitalists even capable of libertarianism? It's so frustrating how they warp every anti-capitalist word to mean 'capitalist'.

I cannot know the level of sincerity to Musk’s comments, whether the obvious contradictions arise out of malicious opportunism or innocent ignorance. Yet if I had to the opportunity to turn his ear I would encourage him not just to fight monopolistic power within his own organizations by allowing and collaborating with unionization efforts, but to invest more of that wealth on projects that Iain Banks would actually recognize as anarchistic.

Hey Elon, why not donate a million dollars to something like the IWW, a scrappy, idealistic & anti-state union that organizes where no other union will go? It’s nothing to you and will affect the lives of thousands while enabling labor to help compete against giant corporate monopolies. It’ll rile the commies on twitter and maybe allow Grimes to show her face in public, but mostly it’ll help real existing people.

I ask sincerely.

I'll neverunderstand appeals like this. The guy is a bourgie piece of shit who despises worker control, he's not going to support unions. If you're going to make an appeal to authority, at least aim for an authority who would be willing to piss on you if you were on fire.


selver wrote

Eh I think it's a pretty good rhetorical strategy, both for convincing other people or if Musk himself read it. Puts him in the position of either taking the suggestions, or just admitting that he's an authoritarian sociopath. A sincere outline of what a billionaire anarchist really would do with the money seems like an effective approach to me.


retiredaccount wrote

The worst part is how quickly it works; 'Marx is a capitalist' already became a fucking topic of debate, and its terrible.


ergdj5 wrote

Spoken like someone who doesn't care about reaching out to real people to change minds and start the revolution.


succtales_backup wrote

Elon Musk is bad but in my opinion, any market presence leads to a capitalistic society.