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steelypan wrote

"why are these right-wingers and those right-wingers so alike! i mean, they're from different countries and even have different skin colours!"

Right-wing people are alike because they're right-wing people. Things like race, religion, and nation are just vain window-dressing.


admt0l0k0 OP wrote

no ziq ... not exactly we call ruralists a group of old farmers ... farmers have ties to colonial heritage since always here in Brasil , that is why black and indigenous slaves were held in farms , they are their decendents that is why they are so rich and have family that are still very politically influential ... colonialism and imperialism didn't exactly got overcome here in Brasil ... so they are the people that control the agro business , they are very mean , if you look closely , they liberated like 30 more forbiden poisons in europe to be used in our plantations to get rid of rural plagues , that is killing workers and consumers at a very high rate ... they have serious ties with evangelical church that wash money for militia , drug dealers and make political campaign within their churches