It's getting closer to your house

Submitted by LittleMonkey in Empire

Have you ever insulted China's Government, or Kim Jong-un, and then started getting sarcastic about the disaster millions are living everyday?
You should care!
"Freedom of the speech? privacy? and human rights?", you used to hear these words much, you always knew it's not that bright, but it is getting more dark.
Instead, mass-surveillance, arbitrary detention of journalists, activists, whistle-blowers and violence against immigrants, are rising fast, in US, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.. .

Please remember, that these same conditions, baked the current Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and others.

Always be prepared, and aware.
Soon, you may be pulled out from your bed and thrown in some black site, or face a civil war clashes in your back street.

Stay safe, fuck all tyrants.


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