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BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

There's no way we'll ever know the truth but I know there's a ton of propaganda right now to stoke fears of NK and justify a mass slaughter of its people. Whatever that dictator does to his people, it's nothing compared to what NATO will do.


mofongo wrote

At the end of the article, there is a clip of Trump saying that he'll destroy North Korea, so independently of its veraciness that certainly is the purpose.


sudo wrote

Not this again. Remember, most of the "shocking" facts reported about the DPRK turned out to be false. If it's a defector's personal testimony, and they have no evidence to back up their claims, don't trust it. Defectors from any country will always exaggerate, and sometimes just lie, about the conditions there.


hotcool wrote

I doubt it was a lie. The details are very specific.


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

Anyone else remember the babies ripped out of incubators by Saddam in Kuwait that turned out to be the false testimony of the Kuwait ambassadors niece?

This guy remembers.

The Nayirah testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a 15-year-old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicized, and was cited numerous times by United States senators and President George H. W. Bush in their rationale to back Kuwait in the Gulf War. In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah's last name was al-Ṣabaḥ (Arabic: نيره الصباح‎‎) and that she was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. Furthermore, it was revealed that her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by American Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. Following this, al-Sabah's testimony has come to be regarded as a classic example of modern atrocity propaganda.[


mofongo wrote

Some are too specific, despite being a pseudonym, the article bothered to give the woman a first and last name, same with her father and gave enough specifics that could lead to someone with access to North Korean info to discover who she is and that can lead her extended family to their death.