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alqm wrote (edited )

The U.S. ideology is like an eye implant. As soon as you start wearing it, using it, it changes how you see the rest of the world around you. It can be used to make you see monsters, terrorists, rioters, anything. Because of its programmable nature, it will most certainly be different from reality.


SpiritOfTito wrote

Indoctrination and brainwashing.

I'm a strong believer in if you support an imperialist war you should be drafted into it.


ziq_postcivver wrote

Me too. If the draft came back, the military industrial complex would be shut down in no time. No Americans are protesting in the streets against the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. They'll only start caring if it affects them directly.


ziq wrote

That was true for a few decades, but not any more. Drones make it so American casualties are minimal - the recruits never even need to leave US soil to blow up brown people. You wouldn't get the kind of protests you saw with the Vietnam war unless Americans were actually dying.

Automated drones will make it so no American ever need notice their nation's murdering.


ziq wrote

The only reason the US has the power it has in the world is because they've convinced everyone we need the US to 'protect us' from out of control scary dictators that would kill us all if brave America didn't keep them in check. It's the only thing stopping the rest of the world from abolishing the US empire.