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TheBreadsultan wrote

Pretty sure it was the politicians and special interest groups that created the disaster.

Given that the US has not lost a single war in the middle east, they did their job to a high standard.

The petrol-dollar that props up your consumerist lifestyle is the reason the middle east is in a mess.

You could do something and you know...stop buying the crap dependant on slave labour...but as much as champagne socialists talk of change, they are unwilling to take the lifestyle hits.

Hence 'communists' filming fascist violence carried out by 'anti-fascists' on their I-phones, without any realisation of their own hypocracy.

If you replace a working thing, with a slightly newer thing just because "shiny gadget" you are part of the problem...those generals are just doing their job, which is to prop up, with violence, you're precious way of life


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

You're making the incorrect assumption that the violence perpetuated by US imperialism props up (say) the American consumerist way of life.

Like the title says the generals are celebrated despite disaster in the ME.

Thats analysing it rough the wishful thinking ideological lens of "middle class capitalism" where we pretend we're all one society.

If you analyse it through a marxist/class lens you realise the bourgeois have no problem spending 1 americans dollar to get back another americans dollar for their class.

They have no problem with spending 5-6 of your US tax dollars to get back 1 dollar for their class in the way of expropriated lands, access to cheap labour, expropriation of natural resources of the colonised population etc.

And quit with the false equivilence bullshit. If you live in western europe or north america you cannot buy prawns that aren't the product of burmese slaves, clothes stitched together by indian sweatshop labor, phones made from coltan from the Congo by child miners. Etc etc

Now nike produce their shoes under child labour yet they mark their shoes up to the same or even higher price than shoes produced in a country with at least a reasonable standard of labour laws. What does that tell you? That nike are not passing their savings from imperialism onto the American consumer. In fact they've used those savings for wider profit margins for themselves and to undermine any competitors who now find it marginally more expensive to produce shoes in an ethical manner.

Capitalism has always been a race to the bottom in living standards culminating with major powers sending thwir young working class to die enmasse in imperialist wars.

Are you suggesting the all communists go live in caves and make clothes from our bodily fluids and hair? Would you have said the same to those living in slavery? "your shirt was made from cotton picked by slaves therefore you cant complain about slavery!"

How abkut serfs under feudalism? "you should swear fealty to the king and his lords because feudalism produced your clothes and yourox cart. Just work in the system to make it a bit better""

Your point is reductive and moronic. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. We all know that.

The point is to overthrow the fucking capitalist system and implement healthy labor laws, reduced material consumption and a better world.

Hell capitalism is so shit it implements planned obsolescence into most of its products that break after one or two years of use.


theblackcat wrote (edited )

Who are you talking to? The people on this site are no champagne socialists, they're mostly not Americans, they're broke as fuck, and they're almost all anarchists, not communists. This isn't reddit.