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ziq OP wrote (edited )

By this I mean that if we encounter as a civilized society another group of people led by true irredeemable evil , then we have an obligation to wipe out this leadership until it is blotted off the face of the earth.

holy shit


zzuum wrote

How can you write

"By blotting out I do not in any way shape or form advocate mass killings of non combatants or any other truly innocent or uninvolved persons in a conflict, as similar collective punishment actions have been carried out by the most barbarous of regimes and peoples."

Then write that next line???


LostYonder wrote

My exact words I muttered in reading that line...

This mindset is more prevalent than I think we even care to acknowledge.


ziq OP wrote

I think all these recently colonised countries have this mindset as a survival mechanism.


rot wrote

welp. I guess we have to kill all the europeans and israelis now. And any countries population that has ever been in a war

Seriously you could justify killing everyone on Earth this way.


tamarack wrote

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is; and anyone who supports it should be blotted from the face of the Earth.