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RedIsNowGreen OP wrote

I posted this article and cartoon because I thought they might be of interest to some readers/viewers. The fact that I post something here does not mean I agree with it and does not mandate that I defend the author or its content.


MichaelPemulis wrote

lol dude you think anyone's interested in fuckin' Ben Garrison?


libre_dev wrote (edited )

I dunno, I at least am fascinated by the utter alien-ness of 'ol Zyklon Ben and the other kook cartoonists' worldviews these days. Branco is also pretty well up there. But RedIsNowGreen seems to have linked this sincerely..


ergdj5 wrote

hey guys i just think we should have some opposing opinions here anyone know about this book 'mein kampf' i think you should give it a read

i dont endorse it i only know it by heart and talk about fascism on my webpage


ziq wrote (edited )

You're an anarcho-capitalist, right? A disciple of Rothbard?


RedIsNowGreen OP wrote (edited )

Wrong... Apparently you don't have access to my online profile, as reading it would have precluded your question. Hope this helps you:

"Post-Left eco-anarchist, agorist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-zionist, climate change realist, pro Palestine/Gaza/Zapatista - believer that social wedge issues like race/religion/gender are exploited by Haves to keep HaveNots divided rather than uniting to oppose their common oppressors."


ziq wrote

As someone who is actually a post-left green anarchist, I'm dubious.