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wild_liger wrote

Honestly, I suspect that it really is just the algorithm, and the algorithm is shitty as well as being easily open to manipulation.

I've been bored as fuck and watching more popular/mainstream content the past few days and lo and behold, now YT has started giving me really shitty, high-views suggestions that are completely not what I'm interested in, with lots of reactionary shit thrown in.

I'm guessing that YT's algorithm just doesn't take connotation much into consideration, and focused more on very broad categories along with putting a big emphasis on "videos that other people who watch the same thing as you are watching." We all know that the alt-right puts a lot of energy into manipulating websites--search engine algorithms, reporting algorithms, voting systems, etc... and the companies that rely on the image of these being reliable and useful systems to sell advertisers on are absolutely loathe to admit publicly how shitty and easily gameable they are.


nov wrote (edited )

It is almost certainly the algorithm.

My handwavy guess is that it has to do with the large and tightly correlated media consumption of digital right wing. A lot of this stuff gets watched, the videos are highly predictive of more viewing, more so than most other categories. So it rises in the algorithm.

Most interests, like workout stuff, hobbies, cats, is a soft predictor of stuff you care about so it alters your feed slightly. The alt-right stuff is highly predictive so even getting close to it alters the feed significantly.

I picture it as different interests have different gravity which affects your feed and the alt-right stuff is super large and dense so it has huge gravitational pull for the algorithm.

...the internet was a mistake.


wild_liger wrote

Not only that, but I suspect that stuff they hate-watch or visit just to dislike or attack people in the comments on also gets "algorithmically linked" to their bullshit, and vice versa for lefties too. Some left-wing youtube personalities don't seem to give a shit if they bring attention to reactionaries' channels when they want to debate or refute them.

I tend to notice their crap popping up in my recs more often after I've been spending time on left-tube, too.