EVIDENCE They're Lying about the Syrian Gas Attacks youtu.be

Submitted by RedEmmaSpeaks in Empire

I posted this link in another thread, but I thought it was worth its own separate thread.

I know it's a YouTube video and the information might not be a hundred percent accurate, but they do make some cogent points. Why would Assad decide, "Hey the US is breathing down my neck, itching for an excuse to rush in, so I'll use chemical weapons on my own people, because that won't make them come after me, even though they did the last time I used them?"

That and like I said, the "OMG! Chemical Weapons!" wargle-bargle, doesn't make sense. Apparently all other methods of mass slaughter are just a pleasure to be murdered by. :eyeroll:


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____deleted____ wrote

The gas attack was actually rather legitimate; the rebels were holded up in an urban stronghold that would be nearly impossible to crack without just turning it to rubble. The losses strikes would bring are negligible to retaking the entirety of the city.

Ignoring the rest of the slaughter and the FSA's many, many crimes that outnumber even the fascist Assad's crimes, however, is entirely bullshit and I agree with you there.

Chemical weapons are generally useful when you have an opponent already entrenched, and can outweigh any negatives.