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Dumai wrote

god fucking help us


leftous wrote

I don't see much hope for progress if systems like these become fully implemented.


selver wrote (edited )

It looks like the evil fucks that created this tech is SenseTime. As far as I can tell, the only recognizable Western company they are openly working with is Honda.

I'm sure they'll start working with other States eventually.

edit: The worst part about this shit is that it doesn't even matter if you've only used Tor since birth. As long as everyone else is handing over their data, we're fucked. The AI gets ways too fucking good with the amount of data they have from google, facebook, etc. There is no individual solution cause everyone you know has to be smart about it too, or you just get fit into their networks.


Arzibot wrote

at least in the US it is voluntary to sign up for these kinds of programs, thx TwitFace I luv u.