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watermelon wrote

No one is promoting English. If there were an article with England's rulers making the same statements, we'd have the same reaction.


shanoxilt wrote

Unfortunately, the fact that nobody is promoting English but it is spoken nearly everywhere is part of the problem.

It means that the Anglosphere's linguistic imperialism has been more successful.


TeoKajLibroj wrote

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, is to spend hundreds of millions of euros boosting the French language worldwide, in a push to overtake English in Africa, increase the use of French online and teach French to more European officials to loosen the grip of the English language on Brussels.

This is the very first line of the article. You can't complain about promoting one imperialistic language while ignoring its even larger rival.


emma wrote

Drawing attention to one nation's renewed imperial ambitions isn't the same as ignoring those of another. This is a classic straw man argument.

Admit you have no leg to stand on, and move on with your life.