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ziq wrote

China has already got its hooks in my region of the world, and they're even buying up North America brick by brick. Which is poetic.


Ant wrote

I think it's done after this

the US would rather sink the whole planet than come second


alqm wrote

Then what's left of the fascists will form "micronations" in the desert to control the water and food, making people slaves, just like in Mad Max. They will often use their militia to attack other communities and steal their resources. But even then, we might have the chance to fix the world.


Emery wrote

I'd hope none, but...


not_AFX_lol wrote

I think we're moving past the days of a nationalistic empire dominating the world.

Either civilization will begin to break down until it's hanging together by threads, or the world will come under corporate dominion, or both.


elyersio wrote

I'm in America. Can I save myself?