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ntm wrote

Google is just an online advertising company

I think it's potentially harmful to conflate a company's revenue source with the capital they've accumulated. Google, like many others, are a intelligence company: they have eyes everywhere, if you've used Google Earth or Maps recently, you've seen that they've used all their sources to create the most accurate picture of the planet. With Android and GPS datya, they know nearly every single WiFi router on the planet and know the password to most. With Google Home and Earth, they'll know your home inside and out. The most marketable option right now is to use their knowledge to take over the roads with fleets of self-driving vehicles.

Amazon in contrast is posed to vertically take-over the entirety of retail and delivery.


ziq wrote (edited )

I don't underestimate them, I was just thinking of a Highlander-type scenario where one corporation swallows up all the others and becomes the global government. I think Amazon will be the victor just because they're set to own everything that billions of us will depend on to survive. Google isn't as important to survival.

Amazon buying Wholefoods was a major event in Earth history.