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I mean, it's pretty much in free fall, economically, millitarily, politically, culturally, etc. Very weak cybersecurity, really lame what happened with Assange, Chelsea Manning (they leaked a lot of intelligence). And you guys know "really" why Ola Bini was arrested? I want to know your opinion, how many years till USA is no longer at the top?



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__0 wrote

Imo a long time, the state will maintain hegemony and a false sense of authority far beyond what would be considered state collapse in the eyes of its citizens living inside it, it would maintain political power, and military power, and collect taxes decades past even the illusion of providing any justification for its existence... It will continue to attempt to sanction other countries well into what could be considered a collapse, and use its own instability and place within the world's economy as political leverage.

There is no exit plan for empire.


Fool wrote

I think it is more likely to merge with other countries than implode/dissolve.