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CrimesOfTheUSEmpire wrote

Whatever your brand of left/anti-capitalism, it hurts us as a whole when we dwell on this (now 16+ years later).

No, more than 1 million peaceful lives have been claimed, we will NEVER EVER forget no matter what.

All of your arguments do not absolutely relate to the actual facts that even if the planes hit those towers it wouldn't been sufficient to brought them down, and that WTC7 - which wasn't hit by any plane - was brought down at nearly free fall speed for more than 2 sec, the only acceptable conclusion is that this was done by explosives, regardless of who orchestrated this massacre or for what reason. If you want to disagree, fine, what can explain the fact that WTC7 - which wasn't hit by any plane - was brought down?

There are thousands and thousands upon thousands of architects and engineers in the world, very few of whom have real-world experience with controlled skyscraper demolitions or the affects of airplanes crashing into buildings. So honestly I take their expertise with a grain of salt.

Well the documentary does quote demolition experts as well as the very same engineers who were involved in the WTC construction (including WTC1 chief electrical engineer). By the way, you don't need to put your trust in their expertise, just look at what happened to WTC7.

Forget the literally thousands of people who would need to be involved; We know from the history of the USA and empire as a whole that people can be marched into war without pulling off wild capers like this.

The fact is they literally pulled up straight fake news ("Saddam has chemical weapons!") to further push for the war. Why would they do that if there was no need for it? And you think Bush would just announce "yeah let's invade Iraq, war on terror!" without any actual terror and everyone would've accepted it?

I also find super racist the often-repeated argument that the group planning the attack were backwards 'cavemen'-

I didn't use the word "backwards", and I agree with you on this but it's just to illustrate that they didn't have the technical expertise to conduct such a massive hijacking of 4 planes, almost at the same time, and that they were successful against the most sophisticated air defense empire in the world.