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CrimesOfTheUSEmpire wrote

Weren't most of the perpretators upper middle class and college educated? Hardly cavemen in my book.

You know I was talking about those who were claimed to have guided this operation (i.e. Osama Bin Laden and his folks who are are literally cavemen)?


mofongo wrote

Osama bin laden was the son of a billionaire (and very personally rich himself) that studied in elite schools and universities. I'm pretty sure that most of his close associates have a similar background.


CrimesOfTheUSEmpire wrote (edited )

But he was still living in seclusion, and even if he and his whole people had PhDs that doesn't mean that they can orchestrate an attack as simple as a hijack against 4 airplanes in the most sophisticated air-defense empire.

By the way can you tell us why WTC7 - which wasn't hit by an airplane - fell down?


raindropq wrote

yeah ,the other two massive buildings fell right on it so the foundation was corrupted. kinda like trees standing by their rhizome connections