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ASH is a space traveler exploring the cosmos, searching for intelligent beings and establishing a first contact with them through sound synthesis, also known as Techno by some developed civilizations.

Hypnotism made by defined low end frequencies, rhythmic pulsing fat bass grooves, flying acid modulated synthesizers, 432hz space mantra resonances, designed minimalistic crunchy high frequencies elements, alien abduction drone ambiences, is a good way to explain his music style.

For ASH, the goal of each hypnosis session is to inspire freedom, disconnection of the mind, create a feeling of well being in a collective sensorial fusion and make the dance floor crowd express itself feelings.

Leandro Rossi is a Brazilian deejay and music producer based in Barcelona since 2012, has started his project ASH (Vinyl Only) in 2017, is known by his own music style (Acid Space Hypnotic). He’s been spinning on the most important techno parties in town, as BAHN·, Techno In The Forest, HEX, Rezonanz, NODE, Selectors, Insert and had a recent gig at KHIDI in Tbilisi - Georgia.

Resident at BAHN· since January 2019, focused on music production and on his full analog live set, analog hybrid set and also vinyl only set. Director, mixing and mastering engineering on BAHN· Records Studio. Is about to launch the new vinyl and digital record label BAHN· Records, alongside STNDRD, on this year 2020.



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