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Submitted by LostYonder in Elections_and_Voting (edited )

"Liberals and fake radicals are so triggered by Trump that they don’t even notice their descent into madness, much to the delight of a vast swath of middle America that is willing to re-elect Trump on that basis alone. The incredibly misguided “resistance” has somehow convinced itself that boundless indignation over Trump will lead them to victory. They do not see, apparently cannot see, that their indignation is Trump’s rocket fuel: the more they hate him, the higher and farther he flies. Until they can stop being triggered by him, they have no chance of making him go away."


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arduinna wrote (edited )

It couldn’t be that decades of Identarian Politics rendering “white male” a dirty word paved the way for Trump’s nationalism, could it?

uwu if you werent so mean to the white people they wouldnt vote in fascists uwu

Antifa thugs beating people senseless, “social justice” crusaders rioting to shut down speaking events for views they consider heretical,

Sorry, I clearly should instead nicely ask the President to not deport people I personally know. Its horrifying to see individuals opposing things like that, isn't it? We should sign petitions and make sure to be really nice to the white and cis folks so we don't accidentally make them fascists.

If you have a belief in traditional marriage, you’re a HOMOPHOBE.

This usually translates to opposing gay marriage- so, yes, homophobe.

If you question whether an asthma inhaler can alter the world’s climate, you’re a GLOBAL WARMING DENIER.

Or, more accurately, there's a huge amount of conservative Americans that actually deny global warming.

If you think resources are finite and inviting tens of millions of economic and political refugees from the Third World to live here is harmful, you’re a RACIST XENOPHOBE.

Perhaps one should take into account that the west has stolen their finite resources, continues to, and is the reason there are refugees.

This all feels like it was written by an anti-IDPol /leftpol/ user the more I read on.

Meanwhile, the contemptuous political commentary coming from the supposedly tolerant “left” never changes.



existential1 wrote

I too read it as an anti-IDPol individual. There are lot of platitudes in there that don't stand scrutiny past 1 level of questioning. You quoted the worst of em, so no need to repost.


LostYonder OP wrote

you forced me to read it again and I would have to agree. I went to the author's blog and it is even worse...

I focused on the idea of the toxic liberal and the pandering to systemic abuse, not seeing the real intent...