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a_zed_9 wrote

Yes, as well the job itself is a "spook" or ideology. Since all jobs (even outside of the capitalist context) are ideological in that they serve the purpose of extracting profit (from the non-human and the human) and are thus removed from "wild nature" or ones natural "desire". I would suggest the text Against His-story Against Leviathan for this analysis of jobs as I tie Perlmans conception of "Armor" to this understanding of ideology.


CaptainACAB wrote

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: the conditions, definitions, and implications of job titles were made up; the only thing that says that a janitor, a cook, a cashier, and a manager can't switch jobs are arbitrary social standards; as are any differences in the wages of those jobs. The janitor is stuck being a janitor regardless of the janitor's wishes; in this sense, the job title of "janitor" is a phantasm that is given the ability to influence the actions of the individual holding, or rather being held by, the title regardless of how that individual feels about it. So, yeah, it's a phantasm in a similar sense that race, nationality, laws or gender are: fake when you think about it, but real in the sense that most individuals in society give it power and influence.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Yes, in that titles are used to confine and define individuals to a narrow set of prescribed behaviors and ideals. A title is an illusion, a made up thing, a specter that can possess the mind with ideas not of its own. Titles are not real, but they become real by how others treat them. Let a title own you, and you let the spook in.

No, in that a title can be worn like a hat, an accessory on a person but not of them. Wear a job title like an accessory, aware of how the gaze of others shifts with the changing of every shirt, every shoe, every hat. You define the job title and how it relates to you and the world.

I think? I only got halfway through The Unique and its Property before getting bored and playing Mario Bros.


perkwunos wrote

not exactly sure what you were originally trying to communicate to me but to clarify, while i concede and recognize my participation in so-called witch-hunting, i seem to recall a good amount of 'backlash' recieved being either arguments thst I misunderstood wolfi's intentions of the piece (doubt it), that it was baseless moralism (half-truth), or that it was a personal affair i was using for publicity (absolute fabrication.) my regret stems from a crass and unuanced analysis, not for providing the analysis itself. my regret stems from making it accessible to those who will absolutely use it to justify the abuse of children, not because i brought the essay to light. again these things will have to be said because if we do not talk about it, someone else will talk about it for us.


ziq wrote

have seen it passed around on pro-pedophilia boards (since they usually carry a link back to heresy distro

Yeah that's a good reason to never give a platform to this kind of garbage.

Since you transcribed it, maybe you can ask theanarchistlibrary to delete it so it stops letting pedos attach themselves to anarchy and stops letting non anarchists use it to attack anarchists. Doubt they'll comply but it's worth a try because it's just going to continue to do harm for decades to come.