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I already know that Ted Rall is, the testicular cancer of people, as proven in this exhaustively well-written article on Imgur article, linked to below, but I admittedly have a masochistic side (that I should really stop indulging), so I check in on him every now and then.

I do mostly agree with Imgur that Ted Rall on the Left not so much because he believes in the philosophies associated with it, but because he has to feed into this image that he is a rebel, sticking it to the man, being the mighty David facing down Goliath. This theory is further supported by how if something is held in general agreement among various groups on the Left, he has to support the opposite, because he is a contrarian shithead who has to present himself as being the only one who truly gets it.

But oh lordy, Rall managed to find someone even worse and now he lets the this Turd-Eating Eugenicist called American Teacher, post on his shitty blog.

I suppose some of you are wondering why I put this in education, but I did because this little charmer is allegedly talking about modern education, though I have my doubts about that. I know damn well that what passes for education in America is appalling, but I doubt this pile of shit who unfortunately gained sentience, has any good solutions to it.

Heck, I myself could go on and on about how what passes for education has little to do with how people learn. Children are learning machines; they want to know and understand the world around them. Really, all they need are materials and an adult to guide them. But again, let's get back on topic.

If I put this in the wrong section, the moderators can move it elsewhere and I will beseech your forgiveness for my error. In any case, I kind of felt a need to post here because the content is making me want to yell out "Fuck you, you fucking fuckface!" at the top of my lungs and I'd really hate to have to try to explain that to the people I live with. Hence why I'm typing a massive rant and sharing to work it out of my system.

Imgur Link about how Ted Rall is the worst: https://imgur.com/gallery/xDjKV


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