Joel Kovel vs. the New York Times (and memorial thread)

Submitted by Potemkin in Ecosocialism

Joel Kovel passed away earlier this year. This longer article is a reflection on his life, as a counterpoint to his obituary in the New York Times (found here).

I was fortunate enough to have met Joel Kovel in 2010 at the US Social Forum in Detroit, where he was taking part in a few workshops on behalf of the Capitalism, Nature, Socialism journal. While I don't remember many specifics, he was kind.

I do remember asking him about Murray Bookchin (at that time I wasn't fully aware of the extent of polemical engagement, or that Kovel was on the receiving end of a couple of Bookchin's polemics), which caused him to ruffle. Nevertheless, I appreciated his workshops, and the brief discussion we had. There, I was able to purchase a couple back issues of CNS, along with the second edition of his book The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? which he signed for me. It is one of the jewels in my small library of radical literature.

Not sure if anyone else has remembrances or experiences with Kovel or his work. If so, feel free to share!


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