Announcing the Ecosocialist subRaddle!

Submitted by Potemkin moderator in Ecosocialism

In the spirit of DIY, I took the opportunity to create a forum for the various strains of ecosocialisms and the intersection of revolutionary left theory and ecological science. This orientation is somewhat different from Deep Ecology, primitivism, and anti-civ critique.

Rather, ecosocialism tends to utilize various types of unorthodox Marxisms (the most interesting kinds of Marxisms, in my opinion), libertarian socialist, and anarchist-communist theory. It is hoped that discussion of these various ecosocialisms will help to build a "unity-in-diversity" that can lead to a broad, revolutionary, international, working-class ecosocialist movement.

Various tendencies include more "traditional" Marxist-influenced theories of John Bellamy Foster and others at Monthly Review, the psychoanalytic and Hegelian ecosocialism of Joel Kovel, Murray Bookchin's post-scarcity anarchism thesis as well as his later, narrower "communalism," John P Clark's ecocommunitarianism, along with many others.

And while these are the examples that I've found that inspire, I'm also aware that there is a large diversity of thought within ecosocialism, with plenty of room and complimentarity to theories like ecofeminism and indigenous wisdom.

What is exciting about these ideas is that they all share the common threads of having a dialectical and Hegelian impulse, address the cutting-edge social and scientific issues of climate change, and advocate the need for a revolutionary movement to address both the social/humanitarian and ecological crises.

Additionally, there are a plurality of praxes already identified and more to be discovered. I think there can be something here for everyone, and we can all work from what most interests us. Strategies such as prefiguration, (creating the material basis and infrastructure for a sustained oppositional movement), "libertarian municipalism," and potentially new syndicalist forms, among others.

More than anything, it is hoped the sharing and discussion here is comradely and respectful. I think many of us can relate to the negative experiences of being torn apart online by those who disagree. Rather than engage, it is hoped those of like-mind will continue to further these ideas and build community around them. Eventually, engaging with opposing parties will be inevitable. For now, and online, however, let's focus on the points of commonality and agreement, in the spirit of solidarity, mutual aid, and the assumed vision of Raddle!


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lookin4 wrote

Nice! *subscribe*


Potemkin wrote

Excellent! We've just doubled our numbers! Thanks for your interest!


lookin4 wrote

Hopefully the subscription will be the first and last exponential growth in this forum ;)


Potemkin wrote (edited )

Haha. Indeed! We'll show Malthus!