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pearl wrote (edited )

"Seeing the common people of England by joynt consent of person and purse have caste out Charles our Norman oppressor, wee have by this victory recovered ourselves from under his Norman yoake." wrote Winstanley on behalf of the Diggers, in December 1649.

Aren't the Diggers considered proto-anarchists?


manc wrote

It won't be long before 99% of people rent from the 1%. That's the way it always was in England, after all. The 20th century was a blip. This is why I never begrudge anarchists or other radicals who mortgage houses/land etc - the alternative is paying rent to one of the parasites.

inb4: b-b-but you can squat! No, I can't. I squatted in London for years. It's a very dangerous way to live. Squatting is highly criminalised in the UK and I have a child. My options are literally rent or buy.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I have a difficult time working up much outrage in all this. How different is this from the Rich's usual tactics for stacking the deck when it comes to colleges? There's the good old fashioned Legacy admission, but probably colleges will find it easy to relax its standards when some rich fart whips out their checkbooks. If nothing else, they can afford the best tutors and advisors to help their kid properly package themselves, so as to better convince schools to admit li'l princess or prince.

The Rich have long stacked everything, including education, in their favor. This latest scam isn't really anything new.

Heck, I'd be really shocked if anyone faces much by way of consequences. I doubled over laughing when some news pundit said something along the lines of "They may be able to buy their way into college, but they can't use that money to buy their way out of jail." Seriously, what's the rent like on the rock they've been living under?