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AncapTMenforcer wrote

It's fine. The homeless and unemployed savages who don't appreciate our way of life will voluntarily give up their blood to pay their fine for trespassing on private property.

This was a statement from Ambrosia, be young again! If you can afford it! (joke account don't ban me)


rational_ancap wrote

as an anarcho-capitalist (to the uneducated that means I am a bastion of facts, logic and reason) I absolutely agree! However, I am concerned about this new competition the lack of compliance cooperation between us rational beings so I would like to propose a deal: you can voluntarily hand over 50% of the value you extract from the peasants forever to the free market™ itself (through me as a "mediator") and it will grant you its blessings. I will help you keep your filthy peasants down too. Just think how pleased the free market™ will be with you.


AncapTMenforcer wrote

Yes! My superiors will be delighted when I suggest this! I will get a promotion! At this rate I will be on the corporate board. Thank you Representative of the Best Defence Corporation™! And I almost forgot: Ambrosia™, Be Young Again!®


rational_ancap wrote (edited )

Excellent. Should your superiors for whatever reason not see the enlightened way of the free market™ and, I don't know, get angry at "such a preposterous offer" and fire you (though I have no idea why they would do such an irrational thing), you can always find a job licking my boots. Because I'm just that generous. also they'll get the McNukes for violating the NAP)

May the market be with you.


rot wrote

perfect time to lie about your HIV* status!

*ditto for any other blood-born illnesses