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sudo wrote

The key to getting rich is to exploit your workers by stealing most of the value they create, and producing your products better, faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than the competition, thus running them out of business.


amongstclouds wrote

Or by being the offspring of those very same people.


Emeryael wrote (edited )

Of course, if you point out the reality of inheritance, she'd just stick her fingers in her ears and be all "La-La-La! Can't hear you!" People like her have to believe that they are the Ayn Rand Protagonist Ubermensch who earned everything by virtue of being so much more evolved than everyone else. If they admitted they had A LOT of lucky breaks, if they admitted their wealth was inherited and built on the blood and toil of others, they wouldn't be able to function.

It's a reoccurring meme. If asked about the causes of poverty, the right generally goes on and on about personal responsibilities and poor work ethic. There is so much wrong in that meme, but if we were to follow it to its logical extension, then that would mean that the Rich are super-moral beings who never imbibe mind-altering substances and work so hard that a Mexican Day Laborer looks like a lazy slug in comparison.

Obviously though, that is not true. Rich people are as human and as prone to screw-ups as everyone else. The trouble is, when a poor person screws up, the effects of their screw-up is mostly confined to friends and family or people who live in their general area, with little, if any, effects being felt by those higher up on the societal pyramid. Since we live in an unbelievably punitive society, the poor person who screws up, will face massive consequences for it.

The same cannot be said of Rich people who have greater access to power and resources, which enable them to screw up on a societal level, while mostly escaping the consequences of their actions. Money buys a lot of things, including escape hatches and golden parachutes. They'll always be able to skip town and leave everyone else to clean up their messes.

I disagree with GK Chesterton's label of anarchist, but for the most part, this quote of his is correct. The Poor have objected to being governed badly, but the Rich have always objected to being governed at all.


Stampystamper wrote

She inherited from Lang Hancock, who got started in mining with a blue asbestos mine at Wittenoom.


000 wrote (edited )

It's like the old saying 'it costs money to make money'.