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Silver_ wrote

Promising something is not a contract !

Most of the workers probably would have left had they known they wouldn't get severance.

Yup, It's like cancelling a meetup or a soccer match, people wouldn't have bought their plane/train tickets. From a moral perspective, It's better to compensate, even though It's not mandatory.

That in and of itself is an agreement. "I will continue working for you if you give me severance when the company goes bankrupt"

I agree, but have they agreed to this ?


heckthepolice2 wrote

Why are you so into this soccer match metaphor? Are you salty cause your ex-wife got mad at you for not coming to your kid's games?

Anyway, to make that actually comparable to the situation at hand would require a few changes

  1. The person flaking owns the train company and thus directly profits from the sale of the tickets

  2. The person flaking fully intends to flake and is deliberately decieving the other person for their own profit

  3. The cost of the train ticket is several months of labor

Where exactly do you draw the line between a "promise" and a "contract"?